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Hi! I'm James, and I love to travel. I'm game for pretty much anything, however my favorite trips are adventure vacations and anything that explores off the beaten path. Sometimes really far off the path. You'll rarely find me on a beach, but more likely on a road trip through a desert or dog sledding expedition above the Arctic Circle.


The Dalton Highway

Driving The Haul Road

The Dalton HIghway is 414 miles of moslty upaved road that will take you to Deadhorse Alaska, wihich is the farthest North you can dirve on a public road in North America. With one section at 240 miles, it includes the longest stretch of road without services in America. This isolated road will take you on an adventuere that follows the Alaskan Oil Pipeline across scenic mountain ranges and the vast tundra of the North Slope.


The Stuart Highway

The Track

An epic road trip from Darwin to Adelaide through the beautiful red center of Australia

Northern Sweden

Dog Sledding in Lapland

JukkasjÀrvi Tours

A week of no electricty, running water, cell phones, or internet. A true adventure vacation!


Tasmania Road Trip

The Great Eastern Road

A road trip up the coast and into the interior of Tasmania past beaches, mountains, and rainforests.


The Kungsleden

Hiking the King's Trail

What was suppose to be an epic week hiking in the mountains of Northern Sweden was cut short on the very first day. Important safety tip: Don't chop wood barefoot.

New York

7 Tips for Getting Standby Tickets to SNL

Everything you need to know about getting standby tickets to Saturday Night Live

New York

Ellis Island Hard Hat Tour

Perhaps the best history tour in New York, here's what you need to know about the Ellis island hard hat tour


Contiki Tours

Travel for 18-25 year olds

Contiki is a coach tour company that operates around the world and is great for solo travelers. But is it a good fit for you?

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